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Build it up
Peck Elementary School

If you want to test a relationship with your spouse, a friend, a sibling, a parent, or really anyone that you are curious about, I challenge you to do this. Go to Menards. Get a Ready to Assemble play structure, and start working together to assemble it in one weekend. What you learn about one another and how you handle each other will teach you a thing or two.

By the end, you will discuss how you are never moving from the home you live in for fear that you will have to leave said play structure behind. You will discuss how you will power wash and stain it annually to preserve the final product that took you two entire 15 hour days, plus an entire week’s worth of evening light to finish it, and you still have parts leftover. You swear that when your children are done playing with it you will save it for your grandkids or sell it for top dollar, ensuring that whoever the new owner is takes it down and transports it home without your help.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we approached our relationships in life in this same manner? If we take the time to establish something, wouldn’t it make sense that we recognize the time we devoted to its creation? Wouldn’t it make sense to keep it up, to make sure it is in tip top shape, to work on things that are broken or a bit loose?

This doesn’t just go for personal relationships like marriage, parenthood, adult children/parent relationships, sibling-hood, and friendships. It should also include our allegiances and affiliations to certain groups or organizations like schools, churches, banks, legion posts, etc. If you take the time to establish yourself as a member and create a relationship, why wouldn’t you want to continue to work on it and watch it grow? If it starts to falter, what are you doing to help fix the problem? How are you going to be part of a solution?

All too often we hear and see the negative. We see the repercussions of the negativity with the public denouncement of things, people and groups. What we need to do is build. Build it up, don’t waste the time you’ve spent establishing something-invest the time to keep it up, to keep it functional, to keep yourself proud of what you started. We live in a world of love it and leave it, start it and finish it; it’s old so get a new one.

Let’s teach our kids and future generations that if it’s worth our time from the start, it’s important and worth our attention later. Whether it’s a playhouse, your school, your sports team, or something entirely different, if you believed in it to begin with, it’s probably worth your attention. It’s probably worth keeping up. It’s probably worth saving. We need start putting more of that out into the universe. Let’s care a little more. Let’s SHOW others what we feel is important. Don’t get on Facebook and tell us all with your words. Don’t go to the coffee shop and complain. Go to that place or that group or that person that you once believed in and offer to lend a hand.

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