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In Your Words

“Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.”

Trump is like Moses, leading us from bondage

Dear Editor:

Moses led his people out of spiritual bondage, physical bondage & geo-political bondage.

No one can suggest that Trump is Moses. Only that Trump is like Moses in his role to “Set my people free.” Liberating us from government’s largesse and its too often oppressive agendas.

Trump’s election could be the “genesis” of our “exodus” from the economic bondage of collectivist policies. The free market response to Trump’s election is tribute to the resilience & aspirations of the American people…not a spiritual event.

We need the legislative branch to throw off the yoke of economic bondage and put on the yoke of service to our country and its people. (No yoke/joke).

Trump is not Moses, but God is God. His blessings are the source of our greatness now and going forward.

John M. Rose

Kudos to first responders

Dear Editor:

I happened to be in Lexington Harbor this past Saturday 10/7/17 taking photos of my son and his friends on homecoming day. As we were finishing taking photos we got to witness how the Lexington Fire & Rescue were bringing in a deer from the lake that needed help to fight the strong winds.

I have attached photos (see front page) of the event if you would find them interesting to publish and show our community how our local heroes are here not only for the human citizens but also for all living creatures needing help. All of us onlookers were very impressed by the gentle and professional work these rescuers exhibited and happy to see the young buck back on dry land.

Maija Fenner

Trump qualified to lead

Dear Editor:

Please accept my comments with regards to “In Your Words” 10-04-2017 and more specifically to the comments of Albert M. Squire. President Trump is not Moses as Barack Hussein Obama was never the messiah; in fact Obama was nothing more than a community organizer in the height of his career - completely unaccomplished, before he was puppeteer into the oval office by the liberal labor forces – (the same forces that puppeteer the Canadian Granholm into office). And to this very day no one really knows much of anything of Obama’s past, it’s still all completely locked up – he was probably the most unqualified president ever – but he was celebrated in everything he did, even in his lies and in his back room dealings.

President Obama did not lead us out of an economic collapse, he never had the wherewithal to do such a thing, he had -0- experience in business, in domestic affairs and in foreign policy - everybody knows that! He simply bailed out the failing banks with taxpayers money and then started adding 85 billion dollars into the market every 30 days for years on end – again, using taxpayers money, building his fake economy.

I felt horrible for the last 8 years seeing that America had no leadership whatsoever, I felt defeated! But today I’m filled with optimism and hope, belief in our future and in our flag - because we have such a qualified and accomplished president – 1000 times more qualified than the last president. This one doesn’t make excuses and remains unafraid by those who want to harm us.

In regards to the disparaging and denigrating comments made on Trump and North Korea, I was glad to see Trump fire back with deliberate fervor – without being intimidated whatsoever – he let the world know that America is not a country to fool around with, something the world never heard for the last 8 years. All the better than making those light weight (cowardly) imaginary red lines in the sand for other countries that hate us - to cross - like our last president did.

Our family took the advice of Trump when he said if you don’t like what the NFL is doing, then turn them off and don’t watch them, of which is a great constructive and passive way to make a clear point. (so much better than rioting in the streets). We haven’t watched a single NFL game this year and don’t plan to watch one. “America” stands up for our National Anthem for our freedom - of which was delivered to this glorious, great and free country by the hundreds of thousands of dead souls who lay under the free ground of which we walk on every day.

Some of those allegations against Trump as penned by Mr. Squire are nothing more than outright, exaggerated liberal untruths (the origin of how liberals advance their agenda) – but then again we gain nothing from an angry font.

Michael Walsh

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