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Think about 9-11

Dear Editor:

When individuals of all color, races, religions come together united as one, why did it stop?

It was a day of anger, sadness, integrity and love. Anger, when it was deliberate. Sadness for all the lost people that died when our integrity was taken from us. Love, when everyone came together. Equality, forgetting why they hated one another becoming as one. Why did it stop? We should learn from 9-11 and never forget we can be free and live as one.

Instead of hating why can’t we get over the hate like we did on the day of 9-11. Help one another instead of hating one another and bring back humanity to our country, stop living in the past. Stop the prejudice it is over, stop the rage it won’t change what happened centuries ago. “Stop the killing of each other for there has been too much bloodshed already.

This is the land of freedom, let’s keep it that way, fight for our country to keep it safe, for you and me can make a difference.

Shake hands with one another instead of hitting someone with a club. Say “Good day” instead of “get bent.” Restore and faith, hope and respect so America can feel safe and whole again, not live in doubt or fear.

Remember back to the good times before it happened, bring it forward. We can get along, live as one brother, sister and neighbor. Say a prayer. Please think real hard about 9-11 and hope it will bring kindness to your heart.

9-11 is a day to save lives not to take life. People died that should have not and people today kill because the color of their skin or what they wear, or just because of drugs or the way you look, just for fun. This has to stop, before there is no one left. And for what? Before you decide you should kill think about the 9-11 and how people came tougher to help and be there for the people who saw their loved ones and the joy of the people that made it out alive. They cried because this could happen again. So save your anger for those who want to destroy the U.S.A. May God bless us all.

Joanne Johnson

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